May 7, 2011

Hi !!

Thank you for joining the Shabby Pickle blog train. Are you enjoying your ride and picking up some lovely free goodies??

Here is my free QP for you to add to your collection, I hope you like it.

You can download it here or click on the preview :) The train is about to depart the station now so please get back onboard and keep going to your next stop which is Zuzana's Blog...

Enjoy the journey and happy iNSD!

Choo choo!!!

p.s. if you are here for the 7the Heaven Blog Hope, scroll down and you will see my part underneath this post :)

Hi there !!

Welcome to my post of the 7th Heaven iNSD 2011 blog hop :) I hope you are enjoying your iNSD weekend sofar and that you havent spend too much money ;) I know I havent !! ;) I won't chat too long and show you what you came for. My QP freebie....

If you like it you can click on the preview to download it or you can click here :)

The next stop on the 7th Heaven iNSD 2011 Blog Hop is Kate's blog. Have fun !!!