Nov 10, 2010

Hey hey !

I am a huge template fan (thanks to my dear friend Sweeet) and this month I am hosting my very first template challenge at MScraps. To my shock I had to make the template myself (EEEEEK!) but I think I made an OK one :) Lookie.....

What do you think ??? If you like it and want to download it, please hop over to my MScraps Template Challenge thread and it would be great if you would participate as well :)

Hugz & see you there !!


Nov 8, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have to apologize to you all. I didnt know how to solve my bandwith problem untill I woke up this morning. Just re-upload the QPs to another file share site :) And that is what I did. I hope everyone who wasnt able to download the QPs will return to my site so you can download them. Here are the download links.

For the MScraps QP, click here :)

For the Shabby Pickles QP, click here :)

Thanks for letting me know what was going on and my apologies again for not re-uploading sooner :)



Nov 5, 2010

I am participating in 2 blogtrains this iDSD :) Let me forward you to the right one....

Mscraps here


Shabby Pickles here

Enjoy my freebies and have a great iDSD !!



Thank you for joining Shabby Pickles Blog Train!

I hope you are enjoying the ride and have picked up some gorgeous freebies!! I also hope you love my freebie just as much. Here is a preview of my QP.......

and you can download my QP here :) I am having bandwidth problems so I have a second download link here :)

Now you have that it is time for this train to contiune it's journey, the next stop is MDesigns

Happy travelling :) !


p.s. if you get can always return here to see the rest of the participants in the blogtrain.

Welcome to my stop on the MScraps Blogtrain!

I hope you enjoy all of the fabulous gifts that the MScraps Creative Team & Designers have prepared just for you.

Here's my freebie:

Download my freebie QP here :) I am having bandwidth problems so I have a second download link here :)

Now head over to Brenda's blog to get your next gift. You can find her blog here..

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s. If you've become lost or missed a stop along the way, you can visit the mscraps forum to get the full blog train list.