May 7, 2011

Hi !!

Thank you for joining the Shabby Pickle blog train. Are you enjoying your ride and picking up some lovely free goodies??

Here is my free QP for you to add to your collection, I hope you like it.

You can download it here or click on the preview :) The train is about to depart the station now so please get back onboard and keep going to your next stop which is Zuzana's Blog...

Enjoy the journey and happy iNSD!

Choo choo!!!

p.s. if you are here for the 7the Heaven Blog Hope, scroll down and you will see my part underneath this post :)

Hi there !!

Welcome to my post of the 7th Heaven iNSD 2011 blog hop :) I hope you are enjoying your iNSD weekend sofar and that you havent spend too much money ;) I know I havent !! ;) I won't chat too long and show you what you came for. My QP freebie....

If you like it you can click on the preview to download it or you can click here :)

The next stop on the 7th Heaven iNSD 2011 Blog Hop is Kate's blog. Have fun !!!



Apr 20, 2011

Hi everyone,

I just created a freebie for SPD. Here it is....

If you like it, head on over to the SPD blog where you can find more information on where to download it (sneaky, no ?? ;)).



Mar 18, 2011

Goodmorning !!

Do you want to know how you can win a $5 for SPD ?? Check out my Forum Game March 18th - Favorite Color at SPD and play along.

See you there!



Mar 9, 2011

Hi there !!

Thank you so much for joining Shabby Pickles Blog Train. I hope you are enjoying the ride and have picked up some gorgeous freebies!! I also hope you love my freebie just as much....

and here is the link to grab my QP :)

Now you have that it is time for this train to contiune it's journey, the next stop is spirula's blog. Do remember that due to time differences, not all blog posts might be published yet so if a part hasnt been posted...check back later :) Happy travelling and I hope you'll find tonz of gorgeous freebies you can use :) CHOO CHOO!!! Oh, and if you get lost you can always return to the Shabby Pickles blog to find your way back on the train :)



Mar 2, 2011

Have you heard the latest news.............

Shabby Pickle Designs is under NEW OWNERSHIP!!!

And they are going to celebrate for a whole month!!

Heres what we have in store from March 4th - March 31st....

Friday March 4th
- 2 new permanent designers and 3 guest designers will be joining us
- we will have a gorgeous new collab for sale at 50% off
- a pack of 12 quick pages made with the new collab will go on sale
for $5 but if bought together with the new collab they will cost just $1
- 35% sale storewide, running until midnight on Saturday 5th March

Friday March 11th
- Blog train filled with loads of freebies

Thursday March 17th
- another collab will be released for $5 but you will get it
for free with any orders over $5!!

Friday March 25th
- $2 grab bag will go on sale filled with sooo many goodies, you wont
believe your eyes when you see what a bargain you are getting!!!

Every day from Friday March 4th until Thursday March 31st there will be a forum game where you can win a different prize each day!!!!

So, head over to SPD this friday and the rest of march for lots of fun :) !!!!



Feb 25, 2011

Gooooooooooodmorning !! Yes, I am really posting something on my blog. Miracles do happen ;) What is the reason for me to update my site. A gorgeous QP !! It's been a while since I offered you a freebie QP and one of the sweetest designers I CT for, By Becca, wanted to create a blogtrain and I knew I was going to make a QP :) So, welcome to the By Becca blogtrain :) It all started with Ashton's Romance. Becca's gorgeous new kit...

Becca has also created the cutest mini-kits in different colors. Rose Romance...

Amethyst Romance

and Champagne Romance...

If the kits I mentioned do not match your wedding photos because of the colors there is another option. Becca is offering Personal Romance which means she will customize the kit to coordinate with your wedding. Isnt that exciting ???

There is also a matching template set for this kit. The templates are made by Gingersnap and the bundle is called
Layers of Happiness...

Now for the blogtrain part. I'm last in line of the blogtrain and you should've come here from Amanda's blog: :) If you get lost you can find the entire list on Becca's blog:

Here is a preview of my QP...

If you like it you can download the QP here :) If any of you have problems adding photos to my QP, let me know and I was thinking about making an action for it to make adding photos a bit easier :)

I hope you enjoyed Becca's blogtrain :)



Feb 3, 2011

Do you love Shabby Pickle Designs as much as I do ?!?! Would you love to join their CT for one month ?!?!? Well, here is your chance to win a spot on their CT as a guest :) !! Isnt that amazing news ?? Here are the details.......

Are you chatty, fun loving, creative and in love with Shabby Pickle??? Well every month we are offering one lucky person the chance to a spot on our CT for a period of one month!! The Shabby staff will be keeping an eye open and picking their favourite site member based on posts, layouts and general forum participation and on the last day of the month an announcement will be made as to who the winner will be and you will join us the following day as our Guest CT

You will have access to our CT forum plus you will see all the new releases days before they are released and you will get 100% access to the store (excluding CU products)

So what are you waiting for?? Get chatting and upload your gorgeous LO's (Shabby Pickle Products ONLY)

**Requirements for Guest CT**

3/4 layouts must be made within that one month you are on our CT
Forum participation is a must
Anything you download from the store must be used within 2 days of you downloading and only one download is allowed at a time, failure to do so will result in your store access being removed without warning

What are you still doing here ?? Get over to the Shabby Pickle Designs forum here and have fun and maybe you'll be joining us for a month as a Guest Baby Gherkin :)